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Handmade pizza cutter, Ebony handle with focusing lens, crystal and energy projection nozzle; hand forged brass blade mount arm. 1875

Lot 1016 Circa 1875-1879

This singular slicing instrument is alleged to have belonged to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society and leading theoretician of Theosophy.

While Madame Blavatsky helped spread Spiritualism throughout the world, it was during a brief promotional sojourn in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1873 that she was introduced to pizza, a dish that greatly appealed to her eclectic tastes.

Many say she encountered this curious culinary instrument after a particularly memorable astral journey to Jupiter. Notes from her journal reveal that it was while attending a banquet given in her honor by the Jovian Elite that she observed a similar apparatus used to slice the most sublime and exquisite pizza she had ever tasted.

Upon her return to Earth she commissioned the slicer offered as Lot 1016 in hopes of replicating her extra-somatic Jovian pizza experience.

Marginal notes from the Private Diary of Madame Blavatsky provide these instructions for use:

1. The device* should be activated only by a Thaumaturge of the First Rank and only after a Ritual Purge and Cleansing have been performed.
2. The Adept holds the grip in the left hand and passes the consecrated Blade of Cleavage through the area of pizza to be rendered.
3. While this action is performed, Astral Glint stored in the Pineal Third-Eye is channeled through the Unobtainium Lens to the Crystal of Truth.
4. From there, the luminous and energized motes are projected forward by the Encabulator Nozzle thereby empowering the Sanctified Blade to perform its duly consecrated function.
5.Thusly, a slice of pizza infused with the purest intuitive gustatory energy is ensured.

* "Not recommended for use by apostates, or in an explosive atmosphere."

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