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Handmade pizza cutter: rosewood handle, brass cutter frame & laser tube projects cutting guide line; cylindrical brass stand. 1917

Lot 1009 Circa 1917

Attributed to the lesser known extra-judicial crime-fighter, Reid Herring, aka The Scarlet Wasp; predecessor to the more well-known, “Green Hornet”.

Active through the first quarter of the 1900’s, The Scarlet Wasp (Herring) was based in Passaic, New Jersey.

This slicer was designed and fabricated by The Scarlet Wasp’s business partner and side-kick, Dr. Massimo Cattolini, aka Catto, a renown physicist and deserter from the Army of Sardinia who Reid had befriended after rescuing him from a shipwreck in the Adriatic Sea.

This implement was used in the Pizzeria and night club that Herring operated as a front to conceal his avenger activities. The top mounted brass tube projects a laser-like line that, when activated by the rear-mounted button, can be used as a slicing guide; it is similar in form to the specialized tools and weapons used by The Scarlet Wasp & Catto in their relentless fight against the Black Hand criminal mob.

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