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Handmade pizza cutter from submarine Nautilus, dark wood handle, brass cutter frame and harpoon launcher; stand of fossil clams. 1870

Lot 1008 Circa 1870

This slicer was invented and fabricated by Otto Landish, a kidnapping victim and sole surviving crew member of Capt. Nemo's ill-fated submarine, Nautilus, which was lost with all hands in the deadly Maelstrom off the coast of Norway.

While serving as an impressed crew member Otto modified one of his diving tools into a pizza slicer so that he could better compete in getting his fair share of the Tuesday Night Pizza served to the rowdy crew of the Nautilus.

The spring-loaded "harpoon” launcher shoots a barbed dart into the chosen slice which, when so secured, can then be retrieved by the attached line. This is the only example of a purpose-built maritime pizza slicer know to be in existence.

It is presented on a stand fashioned from Eocene era fossil clams.

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