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Pizza cutter handmade by Nikola Tesla; turned ebony handle with brass fittings on wood charging base with copper switch and brass dial. 1895

Lot 1005 Circa 1895-1906

This one-of-a-kind pizza slicer is alleged to have been designed and fabricated by the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is erroneously credited with "inventing" Alternating Current (AC) and though widely known for his innovative seminal work with polyphasic AC electrical power, he also was a pioneer in the field of wireless power transmission.

This pizza slicer was one of his earliest known experiments in wireless power transmission designed to use earth-transmitted near-field inductive capacitive coupling sent through a fixed transmission tower. The wellspring of power was created by a magnifying coil transmitter located in his East Houston St. laboratory in NYC. From there, he hoped to transmit electricity to anywhere on the planet.

Biographical documentation tells us that Tesla was fond of dining at Delmonico’s Italian restaurant, and it was there he most likely developed a taste for vegetarian pizza. He was particularly fond of a potato-topped pie made specially for him.

Noting that such a dish was difficult to slice he invented this powerful wireless resonator slicer that, by varying the energy settings, could effortlessly render a 31” diameter potato-topped pizza into multiple portions in under 9 seconds. This feature was particularly convenient for rendering larger slices into smaller morsels suitable for sharing with his beloved pet pigeon, Sparkle, that lived with him in room 3327 at the New Yorker Hotel.

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