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Handmade pizza cutter Rosewood handle with brass, copper & glass fittings in form of a single wheel bike with lamp; Koa wood stand. 1905

Lot 1006 Circa 1905

Handmade pizza cutter dual rotary slicing blades mated to dark wood gunstock like frame with fixed laser line projector in brass tube. 1917

Lot 1011 Circa 1917-1920

Handmade pizza cutter from submarine Nautilus, dark wood handle, brass cutter frame and harpoon launcher; stand of fossil clams. 1870

Lot 1008 Circa 1870

Handmade pizza cutter, Ebony handle with focusing lens, crystal and energy projection nozzle; hand forged brass blade mount arm. 1875

Lot 1016 Circa 1875-1879

Handmade pizza cutter, carved olive wood handle shaped as finger with jewel ring; on mahogany stand with copper and glass fittings. 1925

Lot 1002 Circa 1925

Handmade pizza cutter: Alaska style ulu shaped cutting blade with a curved, pierced brass handle. Stand of fossil whale bone. 1900

Lot 1012 Circa 1900-1902

Handmade pizza cutter: manzanita wood handle carved as life size replica of cretaceous bird-like dinosaur claw. Slate stand. 1892

Lot 1015 Circa 1892

Handmade pizza cutter: phallus-like handle turned of bocote wood; tandem rotary cutting blades in brass frame. Acrylic and brass stand. 1897

Lot 1013 Circa 1897-1898

Handmade pizza cutter: rosewood handle, brass cutter frame & laser tube projects cutting guide line; cylindrical brass stand. 1917

Lot 1009 Circa 1917

Handmade pizza cutter: turned cocobolo handle fixed to ornate swivel-caster frame with 5 inch rotary blade. Acrylic and brass stand. 1877

Lot 1014 Circa 1877

Pizza cutter handmade by Nikola Tesla; turned ebony handle with brass fittings on wood charging base with copper switch and brass dial. 1895

Lot 1005 Circa 1895-1906

Pizza cutter handmade by opera tenor E. Caruso, rosewood frame and turned handle, pierced brass blade guard; white marble stand. 1905

Lot 1007 Circa 1905

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